My Paying Ads Review And Wrking Strategy for Success

My Paying Ads Review And Wrking Strategy for Success
In t r o d uc t i o n
Thanks for getting my report. This is going to be a very short report. I would go straight to the point. I am not going to bore you with my rags to riches story. How I was washing plates in a dirty restaurant and couldn’t pay my bills and got kicked out of my 30 cm room….and then accidentally stumbled on the magic Formula that changed my life and enables me to travel round the clock and earn money… Blah! Blah!! Blah!!!...Some of the “Guru reports” are really funny! Look, I'm not some fancy guy, living in a fancy house, driving a fancy car, and sending his kids to fancy schools. In fact, I'm an ordinary guy who's earned a very modest living for my family. I am just going to share a secret which I discovered recently. It is making me up to 100- 150 dollars a day with less than 10 mins of work. I have tested this strategy for some months and I must confess I am very impressed, so impressed that I decided to write a report about this. You see, I am naturally very skeptic. I buy a lot of digital products partly because it is a hobby and also because I love experimenting and trying out new things. This is why I just couldn’t resist when something new came up and I must confess I have no regrets. I have documented my results and experience in this report you are about to read. I must confess I was shocked about the simplicity of this system and the fact that it is not yet saturated. I am not just going to be revealing this system in the report but also giving you a marketing system that will take your income to the next level! But that’s not all! As soon as you sign up for this system with the link I will provide you with later on, just shoot me an email and I will give you access to an exclusive 500 dollar a day system that will completely explode your income further. This will be an over the shoulder video training series that will demonstrate the exact step by step methods to make 500 dollars a day. This is quite different from what most marketing gurus are teaching! You would be getting this free as a thank you gift!
Before diving into the main part of the report, let me just explain some of the terms that will be used in the report.

W h a t is a share?
Let’s start by defining what exactly a share is. A share is simply a unit of ownership that represents an equal proportion of a company's capital. It entitles its holder (the shareholder) to an equal claim on the company's profits and an equal obligation for the company's debts and losses.
Plain and simple, stock (Also called share) is a share in the ownership of a company. A share represents a claim on the company's earnings. As you acquire more shares, your ownership stake in the company becomes greater.
T h e Concept of Revenue sharing
So now that we have looked at what a share means, let’s go one step further and examine what revenue sharing is all about. Revenue sharing is used to distribute profits that result from a business alliance.
A good example of a company that practices revenue sharing is YouTube. YouTube compensates the creators of videos through revenue sharing. Revenue sharing in this case means when there’s a certain amount of money made from some videos, they share it with you.
Revenue sharing basically states when an advertisement shows up, the advertiser has paid a certain amount of money to be there. Now, YouTube has two options. They could keep all that money in their pockets, or they could incentivize people to create videos, so they choose option 2. They actually share the majority of that revenue with you the creator.

I hope that explains the concept of revenue sharing. My purpose of making this clear is to show that the system I am about to show you is purely based on the concept of revenue sharing….and No it has nothing to do with MLM.
T h e Magic System
So let´s get into the meat of this report. I am going to reveal the system that makes me about 100 to 150 dollars a day with less than ten minutes of work. This is so simple that anyone could do this, but the best part is that you are almost guaranteed to make money with this!
The secret system is called my paying ads. Now let me explain exactly what MPADS is all about. My paying Ads is an advertising company which pays commissions from sales made. These sales are based on the number and value of active ad packs (Shares) purchased. In order to be eligible for the commissions you need to click ten ads per day. The revenue from all sales is distributed to active members every single hour of the day. This means you are earning money every single hour of the day!
It should be noted that my paying ads is not an investment company but provides a service to online entrepreneurs, while allowing each member to earn a commission without necessary having to promote and recruit. This is no MLM system because your earnings are not dependent on recruiting or promoting. Your income depends on how many shares you purchase, the revenue the company generates through membership and also the popularity of the company. This is a company that is just over six months but its members are increasing at an alarming rate. Check out the diagram below and checkout how the curve goes upwards. It is almost steady and straight up! Most websites have a zig zag curve but this is steady almost like a ladder. This trend alone shows that MPADS is going to be very successful in the future.

My paying ads have a well-organized plan. This prevents the heavy investors the so called heavy hitters from purchasing a boat load full of share (Adpacks) then redrawing everything and leaving with their money which destabilizes the entire system.
Let’s take a look at the MPADS repurchasing strategy to understand exactly what I mean
Firstly, each member must start with the purchase of one dollar ad packs plan. They can purchase as many as they can afford, but cannot purchase from other Ad pack plans until they meet the following conditions.
All members must have and maintain at least 100 active ad packs in the lower cost plan before purchasing from a more expensive one.
The Aim of this is to make sure that members keep repurchasing, thereby allowing money to circulate. Members with limited funds have a fair chance to earn as well. The system is built for long term purposes. The main aim is to allow money to circulate through the system. Members with limited funds have a fair chance to earn money as well.
Each member is only limited to a particular number of adpacks they can purchase. The maximum number is 200 active adpacks from plans 1 to 9 and 2000 for adpacks 10 and above.

Commissions are only earned from sales of ad packs within that specific pool. This means
that each adpack has a separate pool and does not “feed the higher ones”.
Commissions are distributed on a 70/30 split during week days and 90/10 on weekends. This is what I personally like best about this program. This simply means that you could
use 70% to repurchase new adpacks and the 30 % would be compounded. This ensures that members keep purchasing. The good thing is that it is all worked out; when you get to the later stages you can redraw up to 750 dollars daily without disrupting your plan because you are not going to touch your repurchase balance, which will be used to buy new shares continuously.
It is also possible to redraw money every day from this system. You can redraw up to
10,000 dollars a month. This shows that the system is designed for the average person to earn a decent income.

The most important aspect of MPADS is that it has good reviews people are getting paid!

Payments have even been made within minutes and as you can see Paypal is the payment processor used. Paypal is a trusted payment service; this further shows the credibility of MPADS.

The above diagram is just a rough estimation of what you could earn from this program, how much you need to put into it and what you could expect to earn in a single day. Although this is not 100% accurate, it shows the potential of MPADS. - Click Here to Sign up Now for My Paying Ads -

W or ki n g strategies for MPADS
There are different strategies you can use to enhance your income at MPADS. After testing various strategies, I have documented the most successful strategies you could use to catapult your income. Let’s go through these strategies one by one. Once again these are proven and effective strategies to maximize your earnings with zero recruiting or selling.
First and foremost I want you to figure out exactly how much you would like to earn daily or monthly to make this profitable to you.
Some are happy with 50 dollars a day, some with 500 and others with 750 dollars a day. You alone need to decide this and adapt the secret strategies I am about to reveal to you.
Rule # 1 Always Max out
Every share you purchase entitles you to a portion of the revenue earned by the company. This means the more adpacks you have the more you earn!
Rule#2 Boost your account
I advise that you use your total earnings to buy shares. This will seriously boost your account. Remember the more shares you have the more you will earn, so take advantage of this by using both your repurchasing and cash balance to purchase shares (Adpacks)
Rule #3
Be on the safe side
A good thing is to be on the safe side. Redraw just about 10% of your daily earning until you redraw all of the initial money you used.
Rule #4
Don’t lose focus
Remember you had an initial goal. Stick to it! Repurchase 100% until you can redraw that amount daily or monthly! - Click Here to Sign up Now for My Paying Ads -

S e cr e t strategy: Getting a loan for free
This is a strategy that works extremely well. It is what I used to start up and give my account a boost. For this method you need a credit card. Obviously there are different rules or laws connected to the usage of each credit card company. So you just need to know if this would work for you. Let´s dive into the meat of this. This is how normal credit cards operate. Credit cards allow you to have a negative balance. Normally you are charged an interest rate on the amount you used from your card. For example you use 1000 dollars from your card. You would be paying about 1050 back i.e.1000 + 50 dollar. The 50 dollar is the interest. Some credit card companies give you 4 weeks to payback that amount. Of course you could pay it back in two or even seven months’ time. But however, if you do pay back in 4 weeks from the time you redrew the money, you will pay back only the initial amount you took i.e. instead of paying back 1050, you will only pay back 1000 dollars! I hope you are beginning to see a light bulb! Depending on what level you are, you could be making up to 3000 dollars a week for every 1000 dollars you put into the system. If you do the math, you will be making
9000 a week for every 3,000 dollars you put in to the system.
All you need to do is redraw money from your credit card account and put into the MPADS system. Step 2 you pay that amount back to your credit card account in two to three weeks’ time. In this way you would not have any extra costs.
Let’s look at the above example again. You redraw 1000 dollars and put into your MPADS account, through compound interest, this will mature to 3000 dollars in one week. This means you already have a Gross profit of 3000 and a net profit of 2000 dollars in just one week! Don’t forget you still have about two to three weeks to pay back the amount of 1000 dollars to your credit card without incurring any extra costs. The most sensible thing to do will be delay the payment for two to three weeks to maximize the compounded interest. This means that for every week you delay, you are making an extra 2000 dollars.

1st Week = $2000
2nd Week = $2000
3rd Week = $2000
Total = $6000
You could take this to the next level by rinsing and repeating this strategy every single month and just imagine having 4 or 5 different credit cards! (If you are in the states, this not unthinkable) and doing this strategy with each credit card every month. This could be done with a much larger or smaller amount; depending on how much money you have available on your credit card. - Click Here to Sign up Now for My Paying Ads -

B u i l d don’t replace!
I had the privilege of talking to someone who has reached level 12 and is currently on 750 per day. This is exactly what he told me: The best strategy is not to wait till you get 200 ad packs on each level before moving to the next level, but to at least get 120 ad packs in each level before moving on to the next level. In this way you are building and not just replacing. I was always waiting till I get the maximum 200 ad packs in before getting to the next level. I experimented with 120 per level and the results were a lot better. Remember the higher the level the more you earn, so based on this, it makes more sense to get to the higher levels as quick as possible.
So remember always keep at least 120 shares before proceeding to the next level. The Ad packs in the higher levels take a lot longer to mature. When you have 120 in different levels you are in a building and not a replacing mode.
It is important to test and select a strategy that works well with you. If you want to take this further you could use the tools I provide you with (The marketing training course and landing page creator software) to really take this to the next level.
An aspect I have not mentioned is the referral/ Affiliate program of MPADS: You earn
10% of every referral you bring. The commission you earn is not just a onetime payment but a recurring one, meaning you earn each time ad packs are purchased by that person. This is a great opportunity to increase your income by MPADS, especially if you have experience with affiliate marketing:
put in the more you get. I also forgot to add that there is zero registration or monthly fees involved.
Here's where you register for your account:
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After you've registered using above link I'll send you the Quick Start Training tutorial, so you can get up and running ASAP (within 5 minutes and earning in 30!)
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