Why did I let my son, J, suck me in?  I promised myself that I would not allow it. He's been calling me a lot from the psych ward begging to let him out of there.  I was told that I don't have the power to release him anyway but he says his doctors told him we can. I wouldn't but I wonder if he's making that up or if they're telling him that to take the pressure off of them?  The only reason I've been answering his calls is because they're coming from where he's staying so I don't know if it's him or the staff.  Next time when he calls I HAVE to keep it short - tell him that I love him and that I'm praying for him. 
From what he is telling me (of course he's going to paint a bad picture anyway) it doesn't sound very helpful.  He says that the team gets him up early and they talk for about a half an hour and then that's it.  Nothing to do the rest of the day. And he loves activity - even when he's depressed - keeps him going. He also says that he's there with a bunch of old crazy people and that if he stays much longer - he will turn into one of them. So I suggested that he accept going to treatment for his alcohol problem - from there to the facility. There are things to do at a treatment center.  He said he wants to come home and then he'll go.  Nice try.  



Stay strong!