Yesterday was T's 20th birthday!  I cannot believe it!  He was home for his birthday dinner request - steak.  Steak and cake.  It was just me, my husband, and him.  And it was actually a great celebration.  We had already given him his gift a few weeks ago but it was nice that he was able to open some presents we picked out for his grandparents to give him.  He was thrilled with the guitar accessaries he needed.  
Last night we found out that J never made it to his destination - his trip with his friend. We texted him to ask him to remind him to contact his brother and wish him a happy birthday and that's when he said he "some bad things happened" and he was back in town. We tried to get more out of him but he waved us off and said he'd tell us later.  I called him later and he said that they broke down on the way to where they were going and said he'll tell us later.  Well, he never came home last night and I still don't know what happened.  Will find out sooner or later.
Oh - and then I get a call last night from our local adolescent drug treatment center.  He asked me if I would be interested in being on a panel at a conference about adolescent/young adult opiate addictions.  I told him YES!  I was asked because of the drug education programs I do at the schools.  Then he sends me the "Save The Date" and I'm so honored because I saw who the keynote speakers are.  WOW.  Two very impressive and well-known drug educators/counselors guys. The one doctor - I've always wanted to meet and the other I met twice.  Once was when T was in the diversion program and had to bring a parent to the class he taught.  And the other time I met him is when I dragged my husband with me to try and get him to help us get on the same page with me.  My husband heard him.  Everything I had been trying to get across to my husband fell on deaf ears but when this guy spoke my husband heard!  So I'm excited about it.  It isn't until the end of October - so I have time to get nervous! LOL