My imagination certainly can run away from me but I don't let it get too far because I know where that can lead.  When I don't hear from T for hours on end - it's understandable.  
Anyway - I finally called T in his cell.  Many times he doesn't answer me so I was surprised when he did.  Voice sounded clear and strong.  I asked him what and where he was and he said he was at his friend's house helping the younger one with HIS HOMEWORK??? Wow!  I asked him if he had any and he said yes - a little.  Yes?  In high school he never said that.  In fact, he had used my computer to do some assigned reading and sure enough (checked history) and it looks like he worked on it.  Wow.



how wish I could control my imagination sometimes, but how HARD this is, is it not!! so glad he has was doing such a good thing....good for HIM......a really good WOW! Thanks soo much for your comments and support, I feel much better this evening, particularly as have been able to contact Philips best friend in Brazil (isnt FB marvellous as well!!) and they will chat. DS friends, including you,are GREAT..huggggs...CathrynnXXXXXXXX