I just received an email from a local high school drug counselor (one town over - she's a friend of mine) and she asked if one of "her" parents could contact me because her son is struggling with pot.  I guess I am now "an expert".  Yikes!  It's one thing having "our" assistant principal ask if parents can contact me but....... to have her ask me, that is another thing.   Today I will attend a local church where all the clergy in our town will be.  I don't know how often they meet but it is very "coincidental" that I came up with the idea of taking photos of all the local clergy for my presentation at this time. Originally, I was just going to have our priest bring all the flyer information to them to advertise in their bulletins.... NOW I will actually meet all of them - including all the church youth leaders. I have a feeling I'm going to be asked to speak. I HATE talking on the top of my head in groups - I freeze. Guess I should prepare what I'm going to say.  The reason I'm taking their pictures is to include it at the very end of my presentation, along with "generic" photos of sad kids and parents (some hugging each other) while playing the song "Lean On Me".