Yes, we were affected by the storm, too.  As far away as we are from the origin, the winds got up to 71 mph.  Strangely enough, my husband and I were playing our soccer team when the winds picked up.  Minus a funnel cloud, I felt like I was on the set of the Wizard of Oz, as we played.  Sirens were going off all around our town, sounding like a WWll movie.  It sounded scary.  Did that stop us from playing?  Are you kidding?  Notthing will.  It was rather comical, however, that when the team that played against the win couldn't kick the ball forward - only up.  For the team with the wind, only a tiny touch would send it flying down the field.......it was very funny and interesting.  Anyway,  downed trees, power lines, some lives lost around the county & state, hit our area harder than we anticipated.  Personally, only  things affected us directly - back of car dented due to a tree crashing into it (actually happened at my son S's college apt 2 1/2 hrs. away, no school for our son, T, for 3 days (power outage at school and other parts of town - energy co. sent crew down sth to help - we have to wait until they return), no cable and Internet (until now).  Luckily we managed to have power here at our home but my oldest son's apt. will not have power for another 5 days (they lost it 3 days ago).  The town looks like a war zone - branches everywhere.  A house in our town made the front page of our major newspaper because a tree smashed right through their home.  Fortunately, the owners weren't home.  These events and inconveniences are minor, compared to the devastation that has happened in Texas and throughout surrounding areas.  I really feel for those who have lost their lives, loved ones, and homes.  It certainly puts things into perspective.    Decided to have a brand new attitude about this fundraising effort.  No more negative feelings toward people who don't "want" to help or give.   I took this as a personal dis -.  How counterproductive is that?  This year it's been very hard to raise funds and get volunteers compared to last year, so needless to say, I responded by harboring some negative thoughts.    I expected more support from the staff and students and more donations from friends.  Wow....boy  did I have it wrong.  I checked my motives and now realize where this angst was coming from.  Everything is in check now and I am moving forward with a balanced and better way of thinking.  I am grateful for everything and for what people have managed to do to keep this program going.  ***Although having a tent at the high school football game, trying to raise awareness & funds for the free suicide prevention program the school receives, made me feel like a leper - a parent's comment/question "Why would the school teach about suicide?  Wouldn't that give them ideas about attempting it themselves?" cemented why people need to be educated about it and why I am doing this.  Her comment is one of the biggest myths listed regarding suicide prevention.  It's too bad the parents can't be educated about it, too.