Life is really great at the moment and I am going to enjoy every minute.  The weather might be ugly (icy, windy, cold) out  but in here it's warm and cozy.  Right now T is watching TV, my husband is upstairs packing his suitcase getting ready for his golf trip, and I'm here and earlier was downloading some songs on my new IPOD.  My husband got me one the other day .....just because.  It was so sweet of him.  And for no special reason.  And yesterday he brought home a dozen roses!  It was the anniversary of our meeting!  Now we've known each other over half of our lives!  Hard to believe!  I took T downtown today for his assessment to get him evaluated for the kind of drug program he is going to be eligible for.  Just a few short weeks ago .....I would definitely agree that he would need inpatient. would shock me if that is that is what is assessed.  He's doing very well right now so I know the outpatient is doable.  The good thing about the program my son is in is......if the outpatient doesn't work.....his care gets bumped up.  And another great thing is what our insurance doesn't pay for the program will because it's funded by a grant.