I think I screwed up.  My son has been doing well.  He's clean and he's been doing what he's supposed to be doing.  He is fighting the battle of his life and I have to find something to wreck that.  My motives were in the right place....trying to do the parent thing but maybe I could just let some things slide.  It's about his girlfriend and he's now mad at me because I had asked him not to lay down on the couch with her when watching TV.  They are really too chummy but what the heck........I'm there, aren't I?  He cooperated, at first, but then gave me a hard time.  I don't want any battles......   I think I need to get away.....  He's been doing so well and I haven't given him enough credit. I know why I am like this.  I've been on defense mode fror so long......tense and scared.  Maybe, without realizing it, I've become more comfortable in this role......  Who knows........ Things will be better tomorrow.  He can't be surly all day tomorrow, too.