The second week of the job is over.  Good Grief there's so much to learn!  You wouldn't believe the systems.  Plus, we serve parts of 12 states and each has it's own set of rules and procedures.  But, the perks are great.  It's quieter than the old job and we will have one place to work that will be ours alone.  No more hunting for a work station.  More perks?  How about free popcorn, coffee, fountain drinks, and iced tea?  That means I can make iced tea for only home use.  It's 15 minutes to work in morning and afternoon traffic instead of 30-40 minutes around noon and after 9PM.  I figure on the later shifts maybe 10 minutes.  Filled up with gas this morning and it was a little over 4 gallons as opposed to 8 for the old job and that was with trips to the family practice center and Walmart.  Seems a normal week will be under 4.  Figuring the time I had to go early to find a work station, I'm getting a good chunk of my life back.  Now, if I can only hold on to the job.