I'm waiting for my packet from the unemployment people.  It's supposed to be here by today.  The packet will have instructions on how to file for benefits, updating my resume with them, and job search recommendations. I'm already getting worried.  It's been a week since I was laid off.  The last time I was laid off from the job, I had before this one, I'd had 2 job offers.  One was the job I took at the call center.  Now, I have to sit and wait.   But, I've been busy checking the internet for leads and checking the newspaper classifieds.  It's crazy around the house.  There's stuff I need and should do like cleaning the place up and finding places for things scattered around, but, although I've tried, I just can't get into it.  Foxy can't figure out what's going on.  She thought when I went back to work after the knee problem, her world would get back to normal.  Then, after just a few weeks, I'm hanging around the house again.  But, she continues to amaze me with her knowledge of me,,,,how I'm feeling,,what mood I'm in,,and sometimes, what I'm about to do.  She's, also, shown me what's she's learned from me.  She knows most of my commands,,,the new ones I've trusted her with like when she heads out to the street instead of the backyard and I call her back, she comes back, and, now, she goes to the car without a leash and goes with me to the front yard to get the newspaper without a leash.  She may have known them before, but I guess it took me longer to trust her.  That's sad, but she's a very friendly dog and has tended to rush to make new friends whether they be human or canine.  Cats I still worried about.  Day to day living has changed.  Unfortunately, I'm drinking more(iced tea, coffee, Coke Zero, and water and just a couple of beers.  I had three cans that had been around for at least 6 months.)  smoking more, and watching far too much t.v.  I'm eating less.  More because I don't know if I'll have money for food.  I've had to do without my medications because I don't have money for them.  It's been kinda boring around here and I want, NEED, to get back to work.