Made it to work 3 days this week.  Spent 5 hours Tuesday just trying to learn the changes I missed while I was gone.  Wednesday was spent off work trying to work out my leave of absence paperwork.  My doctor never got the forms.  Thursday, I lasted 6 hours doing training and on the phone.  Went home because I was exhausted.  I lasted 8 1/2 hours Friday,,all on the phone!  Still nervous about work.  After being away so long, I'm not as fast as I was going to the information pages I need.  The "talk" is coming back and I realize how much fun this job is.  Will be moving my internet connection to the living room in preparation for the possible home agent position.  Qualifying is based on performance stats and I haven't had any lately.  Will have to bear down the next few weeks.  Even if I don't get the job, the computer will be where the heat and air conditioning is and I'll be more comfortable.  Still using the walker and have pain.  Either the pain is lessening or I'm getting used to it.  Still on pain killers.