Well, I'm at home sick.  Got gastroenteritis.  Should have known I was in trouble Wednesday morning when I woke up about five for a trip to the bathroom and didn't quite make it, but took some pills and after two more trips went to work where I made four trips to the restroom.  No better Thursday, but went to work.  But Thursday afternoon when coming back from the restroom, I got lightheaded and fell.  That meant a trip to the hospital where they gave some intravenous fluids.  Did get some good news while there.  They did a bloodsugar test and it was 156.  Not bad for controlling with diet only.  Haven't had meds for months.  That will change since I've got good insurance now.



hi there,
It has been a long time. Hope you are resting and staying out of the cold. Glad you have better insurance and hopefully life will be a lot easier for you.
I have been doing well. I am taking all my meds get no exercise. Hopefully that will change in the Spring. I have been on the computer playing a game on FaceBook called FarmTown. lots of fun.
I think the botton line to diabetes is diet. My numbers are usually under 120 and fasting around 97 I have reached the point where I only test on Sundays. Since I know how to control what I eat why should I keep sticking myself. Still taking Metformin.
Anyway ,
Take care and keep in touch

Lets hope you can get some meds to help you with your sugars, Mike. I am also hoping that 2010 will be a much better year for you healthwise than 2009 was. Anything is bound to be better, right? Lots of hugs and kisses to you, it\'s good to see you again. Deb :o)