I called Sara yesterday.  For yall who are new to me, Sara is my older sister, 10 year older than me.  Vickie is 16 months younger than me.  Yall can see a picture of her and Vickie in my photo section.  I hadn't heard anything from her since she emailed a month or so ago to tell me she had a new computer and new email address.  Asked why I hadn't heard from her and if she'd gotten my emails.  She said she still doesn't know how to use the computer too well.  She lives in California so I don't get to see her very often.  Only when she comes to Texas to visit Vickie.  Her and her husband can't stay at my house.  There's just not enough room.  Anyway, she said She and Jim, her, husband, have been sick for about a month.  Nothing serious.  Just a cold that won't go away.  It was great to hear her voice.  For the longest time, I was closer to her than I was to Vickie.  When I had my heart operation she stayed with me and our mom until I could go back to work.  She really went through hell for me.  I had to wear these tight support hose and I couldn't bend my legs to take them off myself, so she she did that twice a day.  Our mom was a semi invalid so Sara had to care of both of us.  When I was learning to walk again, Sara was there for me.  I'd be hobbleing up and down the street and I'd hear, "You go guy.  You go!" That'd always put a big grin on my face and make want to walk another block. She'd help me get back in the house after I tired myself out and put me in a chair.  It wasn't easy.  You'd think that Vickie, being only 90 minutes away would have been the caregiver, but she's not good around sick people.  When I had my bouts with MRSA, Vickie would clean my house so she wouldn't have to be at the hospital.  But Sara did her best.  She wasn't there went I went into surgery.  It had been short notice and she couldn't get an early flight.  But she was there when I woke up.  At the time, bypass surgery meant you were unconsious for 3 days.  When I woke up, she was there with Mom and Vickie.  I really miss seeing her.  I surprised yesterday by telling her I was thinking about coming to see her this summer.  I've never been to her home since she moved from Iliinois to California.  She said she'd pay for the flight.  It's gonna be a neat trick if I go.  I'm afraid to fly.  Guess I'll have to start to find the courage.  It won't be easy.  But I love her so much, I've got to do it.