My mom is blooming.  I don't know if yall remember.  I rented this house after my mom died.  There were no flower beds.  No fancy plants except for the monster.  At least that's what I though at the time.  I moved in May and it was an uneventful summer,fall,and winter.  But in the spring, a miracle happened.  Along the fence line in front and below the big picture window, through the grass a miracle appeared.  Irises!  Irises!  Irises were my mom's favorite flower.  She toiled endlessly in flower beds on the sides of her home, the home I grew up in, to raise irises.  She had all the colors,,,white, blue, purple, gold, and yellow.  The yellows were her favorites.  The miracles that sprang up to end my first year were irises.  Yellow irises!  My mom had come with me to this house!  I look forward to spring now.  I look forward to seeing my mom.  My mom is here now.  And, I'll cry for a while.