I'm not sore!  I guess I lucked out.  After all that pounding, putting the fence posts in and stretching the fence fabric, I'm not sore.  Maybe the good sleep I got last night did the trick.  7 hours!!  Been wide awake all day!  Foxy likes the return of her freedom.  She runs around the yard and sniffs places she hasn't sniffed in a long time.  She's still not sure what the fence is, but she hasn't tried to go through it or jump over it.  It's great to see her out there again.  Got quite a bit done.  Even cleaned out my car.  It's amazing how cigarrette cartons and packages can pile up on the floor.  On an off note, you know the saying if at first you don't succeed read the directions?  Well, I've learned to read the directions for DS.  Well, not exactly directions.  Since I came to DS, I've been going to each one of my friends on my list and checking each individually to see any new journal entries and new photos and checking my journal for comments.  Duuuuhhhh!  That's what the activities section is for!  Duuuhh.  I just started using it a few days ago.  It's so much faster to see what yall have been doing.  That's allowed me to look at other things here in the same amount of time I was taking before.  Only took me 7 months to figure t out.  Hope yall are having a good day.