Well, another early journal entry!  What's going on?  Well, I got a lot accomplished yesterday on my first day off and I've been busy on the site this morning, so why not?  Got an appointment with a podiatrist tomorrow morning.  Hopefully, he'll get my foot fixed and I can walk again normal.  The thing is, it's affected my left foot, putting a callous on the outside of it. My balance has been affected because my right foot leans back and forth and sideways to ease the pain.  On happier notes, I'm still waiting for the birds to discover their free meals at the bird feeders outside my window.  It's been so long since I've had full feeders I guess they forgot.  Can't wait to watch them.  As I said yesterday, Foxy got her claws clipped.  When I got her back, she had a pretty Christmas bandana around her neck and she got perfumed.  The groomer was quite proud that he'd made her smell "like a cookie".  While I enjoy the smell of vanilla, it is really strong and "perfumed" the house.  I really don't like artificial smells around the house, although it is needed in the bathroom at times.  Ya know?  I like a house to smell like it's been lived in.  The house should smell like what you've been doing.  Cleaning?  Cleaning smell. Or like today, I'll be putting a roast on and expect to enjoy that smell for the rest of the day.  Plus, that perfume rubbed off on me, so I can't get away from it!  Not even outside!  By the way, the old photos are back up in my photo section.  I was told when I first got the one of my great grandfather that I looked a lot like him.  Maybe I do.  You be the judge  Yall have a beautiful day today and a better one tomorrow.