This is kind of unusual.  It's coming up on noon and I'm writing my journal.  Normally, it's very early in the morning or late at night.  But, I thought this might be a good time.  I've just finished 3 of the things I wanted to get done on my days off.  Went to Petsmart, Foxy's favorite place and got her claws clipped and while I waited, I got her a new name tag.  We lost the other one the other day.  I want her to have that in case she ever gets away from me.  She's got a chip in her back, but the name tag makes it easier and faster for anyone who happens to find her call me.  And I got a new wild bird feeder and some seed.  When I had my financial crisis last year, the birds were the first ones to suffer.  I've got 2 by my window in the computer room and another out in a tree.  This way I can see the birds feed while I'm at the computer.  Had to buy some cayenne pepper to keep the squirrels away.  It seems the pepper burns their tongues and makes them stay away.  I guess the birds don't have sensitive tongues.  Since God has given me the extra money this year, I'll share it  with His birds.  Gonna try to see a podiatrist while I'm off.  This foot is killing me!  Otherwise, I feel pretty good.  The BS tests are showing normal.  I guess I'm in pretty good shape.



Glad to hear things are going better for you now.
Please get that foot checked out real soon. I
stubbed my left big toe yesterday, when I had my
shoes and socks off, stupid huh! I go to my Dr.
today for my diabetic check up. I had Lab work done
so I\'ll get some bad news, I\'m sure.
The bird feeders sound so nice, birds won\'t feed in
my back yard due to my cats (4) out there. I feed
the birds in the front of my place by throwing out
torn and crumbled bread products, on my lawn. They
come to feed, ravens,black birds,sea gulls,sparrows
red robins and some others.
I hope Foxy is doing good too, short nails and all
LOL . Thanks for the comment on my little story of
my walk. You are so sweet and such a loving man!
Keep in touch! Love, Shell xxxxxxxxxxxx