Today is Thursday and I am glad to be able to see another day.  I woke up to get my son up for school but found out that it was a two hour delay so I laid back down, set the alarm to ring an hour later.  When it went off I woke him up and he got ready for school.  I took him to school came back home and started looking at the court tv show.  I don't feel so good my leg is hurting and swollen up I guess due to the weather and it hurts to walk on it.  I am also upset because I went to have my taxes done yesterday and had to pay $100 just to find out that I wasn't getting a refund at all.  I thought I would get that $600 tax credit wrong but why would I think that anyway I didn't make anything this year.  Its always the same ole story you don't make nothing you can't get nothing.  I went the other day to enroll in a training program to help me to learn computers and the lady told me that I could get into the class it would teach you about new technology and I was really excited, she told me to call me vocational counselor and tell her that I was interested in signing up for it.  I told my counselor about the program and what the lady had told me and she said, that she couldn't sign me up for it because it was to expensive and that it didn't have a good turn out for getting people jobs.  I was really upset because I wanted to get the training and eventually if I wanted to work part-time somewhere I would have the skills to do it especially with computers.  It looks like every time I find something that I want to do its not available for me.  I went to the community college to see if the had some computer classes but they didn't have what I was interested in.  Well I guess something will come along.I am not going to give up.  I am going to do something to keep me from starting back to get depressed and I reallly don't want that. I felt it trying to creep up on me and I had to start talking positive to myself.Anyway on a good note I want to wish everyone that is reading this a  HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY.  My son bought me some roses and candy so I really appreciated that and it also kept me thinking positive.