Today is Saturday and I woke up feeling okay.   I got up fixed breakfast for my family and then my son decided that he wanted to go over to one of his friends house.  I got dressed and took him over to his friends house and then before my son left he told me to call my sister or my friend and ask them what they were doing instead of sitting in the house by myself.  When I got back home I decided that it was a beautiful day so I took the chance and called my sister and ask her what she was doing.  She told me that she and a bunch of her co-workers were going out to the movie and then to eat.  I started to say, well I'll see you later but then I said that sounds nice going to the movie with other people do you mind if I tagged along with you guys if its not and inconvenience.  She told me to come on.  I was surprised and I told her thank you that I would be over to her house.  We went to the movies and I knew one of her co-wokers and the others seemed very nice.  I really enjoyed the movie and going out to Applebee's.  Overall today was a good day and to end it all up I got on the computer and got encouraging responses to my journal enry that I wrote.  I want to thank those of you who responded to it.  It meant a whole lot to know that I was not alone and that someone else cared.  I don't want to get to happy so I'm just going to take things as they come and try to think positive. The first step toward working on myself was to ask to go to the movies even if the answer could have been NO.