well it has been awhile since I have been here.  Not enough time in the day so to speak to get on here.  I sure do miss ist though.  This is the place that let me vent and never judged me.  Im not perfect but I try and strive to be a good mom even though I can not give my son everthing he needs or wants.  Been going through alot of changes in my life almost died a few months ago and now im on 13 pills and an insulin pump.  That really did save my life.  I feel blessed to see another day been in pt therapy and ot therapy learning how to do alot to get my strength back.  I thank god for my family.  My son has been in and outa trouble he is angry confused about the turn of events in his life.  But I try and explain to him that he is the one who chose this path he is on not me.  Get so frustrated with him please pray that he can get his life straight.  I really love him.