So, first the bad news....... I am currently having my fourth miscarriage. Last thursday there was no heartbeat and the baby had not grown so my Doc told me he suspected I would miscarry in a day or so.  I took fri and sat off contemplating I would miscarry ( and for my mental health) however here it is Monday I am at work and the miscarriage is starting now.  My cramps are minimal in the past it doesnt really hurt that bad until I pass the sac, then as the lining tears away I really start to cramp but Im hoping those pains start tomorrow b/c I have tuesdays off.So yes this news stinks, and yes Im am again heartbroken, and no I dont feel like I can keep doing this so were going to do something different. 3 mondays from today I go back to my Doctor so that he can be sure I have passed everything and then we are being reffered to a speacialist so that we can start IVF.  Big scary step.  I wasnt sure if I wanted to adopt or go this route but I really want to know what its like to be pregnant and besides I have way better chances of having multiples, which would be awesome.The only thing that my husband and I have been praying for throughout this pregnancy is that God does his will in our lives and that we can be granted peace of mind nomatter what the circumstance, I am very blessed because God has answered that prayer. I am not afraid of not being a mother, I am one now to four babies that are safe with God and sometime in the near future I have Faith that God will give me my earthly baby.