hi i am doing great. tommorrow i will start my goal of going thou my mail for and hour a day. wednesday me and my housekeeper are going to put up my christmass decorations. i haven't decorated in over six years this is a depressing time of season for me. i hope by decorating and making the best of it. it might go better for me. today was a good day my man and woman basketball team both one. my minnesota vikings also won today. yesterday my iowa hawkeyes football team shout out the minnesota gophers. they will be going to a bowl game this year. yesterday we got a little snow just to make the ground white. today it is all gone it got up to 58 degress today. we are suppouse to get more snow tonight but it won't last long as it is suppose to get up to 48 degress tommorrow. i will be having my meals on wheels deliever to me on thanksgiving day as i have no where to go they put me on their list to delieve a meal that day. i hope it is a thanksgiving meal. i love pumpkin pie i rember eating my mom great pumkin pie that day. i also love my mothers dressing it was so good i miss that no one can make dressing like my mom it was so nice and smooth. most dressing is so dry that i don't care for it my moms was nice and moist. i miss living so far from them that i can't enjoy the wounderful thanksgive meal that my mom makes ever year. fountlely my baby bother lives close to them so he will enjoy my mom wounderful thanksgiving meal. happy thanksgiving to all my follow americans. are neighbors from canda had their thankgiving last month. it was also a sad week as we mark that terrible day in dallas were they killed are president. i rember were i was when i heard the terrible news are president was shoot and killed. it's hard to believe it happen fourty five years ago today.