i am not on must the collage football season is ending and the collage basketball season is starting. i watch my woman hawkeyes yesterday lose to kansas jayhawks. the first four games of the man season are not going to be on tv so have listen to the first two games on radio. the man play again on thursday in some tournament i think the panama city tournament. they will have a rough schedule their they have to play the home town team thursday night. they are not very good the man's team the old coach wrone the team before leaving. we have to be patience with the new coach he is a good coach and will give us a good team again if we just will be patient with him. my mail has got away from me so i have started a new goal to go though and shred my name because of identiy theift. i will do it tall i catch up with it and than go though the mail ever day so it don't get away from me again. i decided to put the goal on this site so i can get incourment to keep doing it i him starting the goal on monday untill completed than what ever amount of time i need each day. i expect people will be asking me how i am doing on that goal so to speak holding my feet to the fire.