i got two pictures and a letter from mom of the 60th aniversary of my aunt and uncle. one picture with me in it and one of my aunt and uncle taken that day. my parent's are going to portland oregon for the winter. they are leaving on the 30th of october. i called them last night to see if they had voted. my mom said yes they went to the court house and voted. she proudley said she voted for obama. she said she thought my dad did the same he said yes and he is going to win in a land slide. they also voted for their incumbent sentor and congress woman which are also democrats. i have two brothers who are raciest and are mad at use they say we don't need a n word in the white house so sad. i don't know how they became raciest my parents are not. it's sad are country as come along way but raciest still exist. i suppouse their wifes will vote for mccain also so in are family of five and two spouses of my brothers. obama will get 3 votes and mccain 4 votes.