I'm feeling sort of sad today.  The weather has been awful for the last few days.  The stress of my family situation is tiring. For most of my life I've been treated like a slave.  I have encountered a lot of lazy people who feel they can use me to wait on them hand and foot.  When I was young it seemed my mother was always saying "Jenny do this"  or "Jenny do that" because she was too lazy to get up off her lazy butt to do things.  My dad would yell at her about how messy the house was or about the stacks of dirty dishes or piles of dirty laundry.  After awhile, to try to keep some peace in the family, I started doing the housework. I hate housework!  I have to do it or it will never get done. Now I'm a housewife and that sucks!  I was working on career before I got sick.  Sure I was a slave to my boss and others above me but I got paid.  I felt like I was really doing something when I had a paying job.  Also, when it was time to go home from work,  I didn't have to do anymore until the next time I came to work.  Now I'm always on call and on edge.