26 Weeks today!

I can't tell you how blessed I feel that Lily is still healthy and growing!  Every day with her is a blessing, but I pray we have my entire lifetime of days with her!!
I won't go into every painful thing I'm experiencing right now, but I'll just say prayers are welcome.  I am happy to do all of this if we can hold a healthy baby in our arms.  The biggest concern the docs have right now besides the heart rate issues I'm having are that my contractions officially started changing my cervix (i.e. Pre-term labor).  More meds...more monitoring.  More "listening to my body"...right now the doc is open to letting me manage my care at home, but if I mess up, I will be in the hospital like I was with Marissa.  (With her I did 3 & 1/2 months IN THE HOSPITAL).  That would not be good for us right now.
God is in control.  He must be, because we can't seem to control a single thing!!  Ha ha. 
DH has a meeting tomorrow with some execs from CBS who were impressed with him during an interview he did for their industry association (a job we guess he's not getting?).  They want to see how his skills might fit together with their company.  Who knows? 
Many people have messaged me about our move...it is on hold until I can BREATHE in that house.  Since I had an anaphylactic reaction with throat closing and such, I am a bit nervous.  I mean when I go back, how will I know if surviving 1 hr there would be the same 24/7 there?  The problem is that we are running up against an unknown deadline and need to GET MOVED.