26 weeks

Made it through another week to 26 weeks.  I haven't pulled at all.  I really have a low urge to pull.  I do constantly touch my hair, so the possibility to pull is always there.  There hasnt been much growth.  Still can see through the hair on top of my head.  The side hasnt grown at all.  Hair around it is growing in so it is covering it.  Im just so incredibly happy that I have stopped pulling.  If I was still pulling my hair would look so horrible now.  I haven't pulled in 26 weeks and the damage is still so apparent.  The top is so thin and the hair growing in is very fuzzy and grey.  The left side of my head looks as if it was hacked off.  Im still taking the swanson vitamins.  I stopped the minoxidil and folligen because they make my hair look worse and I dont think they do a damn thing.