It is almost 6. I got up at 3 today.It was a short day.I went to the gym but feel empty.I am waiting to get hungry.It is 7:30 I came back from the dinner.I feel empty.I should see a moive tonight.It is 10:24 I came back from the walk.I feel angry.



Why do you feel angry? Angry at who? Managing depression isn\'t easy. But one thing that is needed is to understand what you are feeling and why, that way you can make changes in order to feel better.

If you are depressed and lonely... the changes may be to find some activities where you can interact with people in a positive manner.

If you haven\'t done so yet, try finding a therapist to work with who can help give you feedback and teach you new coping skills to deal with depression. If you dont have any medications for your anxiety and depression, ask your dr about that also.