Letting go.

I kneeled beside you, and held your hand as we looked into each others eyes for strength and comfort until you took your last breath.
I told you to "go with God", and you did shortly after.
For hours we spoke with our eyes. Did you know that they're the windows to the soul?
You have beautiful eyes.. Do you remember me saying that? I miss them smiling at me, looking at me with so much love.
I'm looking at a picture of you, and now my eyes are filled with tears, over flowing with grief and the pain of losing you.
Until we see each other again. All my love my blue, green eyed angel.



Kim, this reminds me of my last moment with my wife. Sad and comforting at the same time. May peace with you. Hugs, Tiger

Kim . . . this is a beautiful journal entry, yet sad, I know. We were the blessed one\'s to be there when they took the last breath. We were able to say \"good bye\". Hugs to you, D