25 weeks

Well I'm 25 weeks today! I'm getting so excited. Only 15 weeks left. Somedays that seems like forever then other days it seems like just tomorrow he'll be here. I hate to complain because I'm so fortunate to be pregnant with a beautiful healthy little boy, but.....I'm starting to get back to that miserable stage. I've gained atleast 25lbs....which is bad enough so its making it hard to do things that used to be easy. I'm always tired, sore, and cranky. It takes so much just to go up and down the stairs, our laundry room is in the basement then our living area is on the main floor, and then our bedroom is upstairs. My husband does help out with laundry carrying it from the hampers to the laundry room then when its done he'll carry it back up stairs,...but he will not fold it. Folding clothes was a chore to begin with but now that my belly is in the way its so much harder. And shaving my legs or anything else for that matter....I cant even see "down there" by the time I'm done shaving I'm wore out. Another thing is our bed is against the wall and I love sleeping by the wall but its getting to hard to crawl across my husband. He did try sleeping by the wall one night but he didnt sleep hardly at all so I traded him back and I've just been dealing with it, but its become to much. He does move his legs 50 times a night when I get up to pee but that doesnt really help cause I still have to get from the wall to the edge and then back. So I've been telling him we have to do something...well nothings been done. So I had a little break down lastnight at about 3 in the morning. Me and my mom put up my Christmas tree lastnight so needless so say I was exhusted and I could hardly walk because I was so sore. So when I got up to pee and had to crawl across him I started yelling, probably because I was tired (because I dont sleep hardly at all anymore being up every 2 or 3 hours to pee). I said I'm 6 months pregnant I shouldnt have to crawl across you everytime I have to pee its just too hard. Well he finally said he will move the bed tonight. I told him if he didnt I'm sleeping on the couch. I feel like I'm being selfish or stubborn but I just cant do it anymore its too hard. This really does sound awful...I dont think I'm that miserable, I think I'm just tired and needing to get some of it off my chest. Im so thankful for being pregnant and I cant wait to finally meet my son. Hes a blessing and miracle that I though I would never get, after 4 losses I was ready to give up (atleast for awhile) I couldnt take anymore loss. I thank God everyday that my doctor talked us into keep trying and we didnt stop and now I'm nearing the end of my pregnancy. I guess no one ever said being pregnant is easy. Just because I want this so bad and I'm so greatful for him doesnt mean it will be easy or I shouldnt complain, but I just feel so bad for complaining when alot of people would do anything to be in my shoes. Thanks for letting me complain and just know I am very thankful for my son and I thank God everyday for sending him to me. Hugs Monica.