Ok. I'm wondering now. I feel like alot of my friends avoid me because I vent out to them about how I feel. And I have to admit that whenever I'm getting over a crisis that puts me through alot of hurt, I need to vent. I think it's healthy and if I have a friend who's going though alot of emotional pain, I'll be there for them. Because they are my friend. The thing is, my friends don't really do that. Its as if they expect me to vent out once and then I'll magically feel better about it the next day or so. But realistically, that's not the case. I think it's like that for almost everyone. But the fact is, people in general grieve through periods of time for days, weeks, or even months. And when you need support from your friends, shouldn't they understand that you'd still be feeling bad and need to vent out throughout the time you're grieving? If I had a friend that was going through a crisis, I would let her vent as much as she wants because I know she needs to let it out  and have someone support her through her rough time. Why can't I have a friend like this? Is that wrong? Or do I have friends that aren't true to me? They know they can vent out to me. It's not like I never listen to them. 
Or should I find new friends? I don't know.