He said that he's planning on going to his home country before October. I think it's to see the other woman. Gosh, how stupid can that woman be? I'm sorry, I know it's my own gender, but wtf?! He's telling her on the phone this morning that his wife (my stepmom) found out about them and that he's trying to fix it. I could hear the other woman on the phone (since the phone was on speaker) that she was sympathizing with him!!!! Gosh, how stupid can she be?! How stupid can women be to put up with that kind of situation?! Are many women that desperate to hold onto a man just because they're lonely?! I'd rather be alone and at peace than be with a man who will break my heart everyday for the rest of my life until I die.
I never want to be with a man like my dad. If he leaves, then I'll have the whole house to myself according to him. He'd probably be gone for about six months, then marry this new woman and bring her home back her to the US!!! Ugh! Another mail order fuckin' bride!! Gosh, so many women are stupid enough to put up with this shit, and men (not all I hope) take advantage of it!!! I've never been in that type of situation where I know the guy is cheating on his wife/gf and I'm with him at the same time. I have enough sense not to put myself in that situation. Not only is it common sense, but it's an automatic response to the protection of my heart as well as my health (emotional health is very much tied to physical health). Man, there has been many times that that type of situation could've happened to me, but I ended it before it even started. I look back now and thank GOD so much that I was smart enough to not deal with that type of situation, which saved me alot of heartache and possibly my life. 
I wish more women would smarten up and I wish more men would be smart enough not to take advantage of women and have a real heart. Why?! Why does this happen? Why does it have to be this way? I look for answers and I think I've found them. But regardless, I wish the world were different. I can only pray.