Home again

At first gettign picked up this morning went into snafu mode as my puppy had stolen my daughter's keys. It took two hours before Corso brought my daughter her keys. LOL. So she missed eating the free breakfast at the hotel with me.
We finally got me home late this morning without issue. Oh my dog was SO HAPPY to see me! She is currently laying against my legs, which is where she should be.
I am still weak as a kitten, get dizzy at the drop of a hat, but at least I can sit upright for a few hours at a time now. I only had one point where I felt like throwing up, and that passed in less than twenty minutes. So all in all, weakness, a bit of a sore throat that was taken care of lemon drops, body aches, and some bad migranes were the worse of it.
Now I just have to get healthy again. I look like death warmed over! I could go on a zombie walk without any make up. OK, I look better than when I got back from my surgery, but lets just say I do not have a healthy palor. Slow and steady will win this.



I forgot to answer a question on my last journal entry... lol. The puzzle was one my hubby got me when I was first diagnosed. He knows I adore jigsaw puzzles, though I have trouble working on them since I broke my back. It was a beautiful scene of a mamma white tiger holding a white cub as they lay on the bank of a lake in the moon light... Yeah, so the artist only used black, white, purple and blue as the only colors in this 1000 piece puzzle! After my six days of isolation I only had it about 3/4 of the way finished. All the pieces I had left were just shades of purple and blueish purple. I was litterally down to just ramdomly testing to see if pieces fit in every available spot! That is going to be one that I am going to have to decicate the diningroom table to for a week or so and try again!