"Everything you are against weakens you. Everything you are for empowers you." – Dr. Wayne DyerI started back to my classes today. So far so good aside from I posted my introduction in the wrong class because I was half awake! LOL Oh well! What’s cool is I have the same Professor as I had last Semester! YAY! Out of all the instructors I learned from I liked this one the most. Unlike the other professors that would grade my work and say nothing he went out of his way to compliment me on how nicely organized my essays were or that my power points were of such high quality that he would show them in his classroom. Basically he said the effort of above and beyond that I put into my work and complimented it. Usually no one does that! I am excited but nervous. I have 250 pages to read, an essay to write, and I have to write a response back to a fellow classmate on their posted work. Not to mention I have to take a practice test and of course the test ALL in one week. Are you kidding me?!FOCUS REA! Well it seems other then school starting a stroke of bad luck hit us aside from me misplacing my engagement ring. The fridge seems to be sputtering out. This fridge we bought brand spanking new and had nothing but problems with it complete with having the repairman come out to fix it at least 5 times before they gave us a new one- same model/type. This one just came out of warranty of course and seems to be dying. The fridge side isn’t cooling as cold as it should, the freezer side is fine. I have the fridge side cranked up to the coldest setting and my butter isn’t as soft as it was but it’s not hard like it should be coming out of a fridge. I am going to have to do the massive switch off here right soon but for now I am sitting here in denial. I spoke with Husband this morning about it. He said switch all freezer stuff to the big stand up freezer and turn the freezer in the fridge down to non-freezing temps and we can keep what we have that way until he comes home. Which reminds me…Husband today is testifying before Texas Congress about education and funding. They invited him to come down and speak about his successful program. All the while back at his work they are trying to screw him out of his paycheck. He teaches every single class without a teacher planning period so he gets paid more. Plus he comes in early, stays late, and goes on trips with the kids to compete so they can earn scholarships- which he doesn’t get over time for. He even tutors kids that aren’t his because the academic teachers are too lazy to stay and assist their own students. With all that said they need a minimum of 15 kids in his class. His one boss is trying to fit 24-26 each into 3 classes so the classes would be maxed out. (which is stupid because they usually have another 20 kids who sign up for his class during the summer) Husband is angry that every year they pull this knowing its minimum 15 and that he cannot have maxed classes due to him being a “vocational” class. Not to mention they got a couple new counselors in that know nothing about what he is doing or has done for over 20 years and they are trying to dabble in his area/get in his way all so they can hitch a ride on his success stories.  Well, needless to say Husband is mad and has called in some of his connections- he is on the edge of switching professions. Frankly I don’t blame him. He was nominated for teacher of the year- up against an English teacher who said “I believe every child is special” (noooo they are?! Wow! What a concept!) and guitar playing art teacher. What’s sad is my Husband and I feel he will not get the award because he has yet to get recognition for all his hard work. Of the kids in his class he gets over 88% of them into college, vocational school, or a work program (that will fund further education)- of those kids a cool 82% are funded through scholarships and the other 6% are funded through grants, student loans etc. Aside from mentioning the above things of staying after school and what not…tell me…how in the world can a guitar playing hippie and a feel good English teacher have anything on him? Well, my Husband sometimes has to ruffle feathers in order to get funding and my Husband tells it like it is. He won’t let those kids make up excuses as to why they can’t only reasons as to why they should. But that’s not politically correct and feel good…so he probably won’t get it. Which breaks my heart! ~sighs~ He finds out tonight. Yes, the banquet and award ceremony is tonight. So he is driving up from Austin after testifying at congress only to get slapped in the face. I want so much to believe with all my being he will get the award but past history tells me he won’t. He is the Susan Lucci of Teachers- Forever Acknowledged but never truly Recognized. (but even Susan Lucci had her day- decades later LOL)I hope everyone is well!~Bright Blessings~ReaComing up! New Group Topics for Holistic Healing: Already Featured…”Five Featured Herbs at a Glance”, “Household Tip: Spilled Candle Wax Clean Up is Easy!” and “Nurturing Yourself”.