Just an update.Everything I planned last week I managed to do, enjoyed everything too. Work is going great. Currently fostering a baby bird too :)Feeling really good but I can feel inside I'm so tired. I'm not sleeping and it's starting to make me feel dazed. On Tuesday I didn't sleep AT ALL that night, then went to work in the morning...I just kept going and going and going! When I do manage to get some sleep it's broken and in short bursts. I saw my therapist today and he's really pleased with everything I've done this week. I did tell him I wasn't sleeping too but he didn't seem that concerned.As for next week I have another busy schedule with things planned again for every day.Monday - WorkTuesday - Meeting up with an old friend from high school (it's a guy!!!!! Shock, horror!)Wednesday - WorkThursday - Shopping in Oxford St with my friend SarahFriday - Back at the hospital for therapy againKinda feel like I'm running away with myself and not really preparing for if my mood crashes (which it's done everytime this has happened before) but I'm just trying to make the most of it. I dissociate from the bad feelings when I'm like this anyway so I can't really prepare cause I don't remember how I felt before.