So this is my first entry I'm sorta unsure how to start out here. My boyfriend suggested this online support group thing since I refuse to go to therapy considering I find it pointless.... but I'm trying this out and see what happens. Just a small bit of background I was mentally abused by Aunts and Uncle who always made me feel worthless and stupid, that I would never amount to ANYTHING, all I ever was to them was a waste of life, talent, and air. So it comes at no shock that I have low self-esteem. If anything that made me always feel like a burden upon society and an outcast, and I cannot stress enough how this affected my childhood I had few friends, constantly suicidal, manic depressive, and it never helped my social skills... people usually avoid weird awkward shy kid with extreme clumsiness. When Middle School came I faced the horrible reality of being alone in the world both of my Parents died along with my twin brother and little sister in a stupid car wreck to this day I still cannot get in a car full of drunk people. I never could forgive the man who made the desition to drive drunk.... I was 11 years old when this happend. I still miss them I wish that they where still alive. R.I.P Mom, Dad, Sebastian, & Nicolette