GOOD  MORNIN YALL GREAT BIG OLE GRIZZLY BEAR HUGGGZZZZZ......SQUISHHHHHHHHHHHHH............LOVE YALL ,AM JUST A HANGIN IN HERE TODAY GOT A MIGRANE,COULD BE WORSE N BETTER THEN A SHARP STICK IN THE EYE,AND I AINT TAKING A DIRT NAP LOL,AM STILL ON MY MISSION TO MAKE YALL LAUGH,SO PLEASE READ THE LIGHTER SIDE ON THE BOARDS N ADD A JOKE OR COMMENT,GREAT BIG OLE GRIZZLY BEAR HUGGGZZZ.....SQUISHHHHHHHHH LOVE YALL I wake up in the morning, And can hardly wait to see If I've received a mailing, Addressed from you to me. I get my 'puter running And much to my delight, Your poems, jokes and other things Come quickly into sight. Please keep those emails coming, They are so enjoyable you see Funny things, friendly things Those things you mail to me. But most of all the fun of it, Is knowing that they came. From you, my friend, The one I need not name. This is a test of theEmergency Friendship System forward it (and to me too I hope) .....a Friend does mostor all of these... (A)ccepts you as you are (B)elieves in "you" (C)alls you just to say ! "HI" (D)oesn't give up on you (E)nvisions the whole of you (even the unfinished parts) (F)orgives your mistakes (G)ives unconditionally (H)elps you (I)nvites you over (J)ust "be" with you (K)eeps you close at heart (L)oves you for who you are (M)akes a difference in your life (N)ever Judges (O)ffers support (P)icks you up (Q)uiets your fears (R)aises your spirits (S)ays nice things about you (T)ells you the truth when you need to hear it (U)nderstands you (V)alues you (W)alks beside you (X)-plains thing you don't understand (Y)ells when you won't listen and (Z)aps you back to reality PASS IT ON TO EVERYONE YOU CONSIDER A FRIEND OR WOULD LIKE TO HAVE AS A FRIEND SEE HOW MANY TIMES YOU GET IT BACK!!