hey everyone. um... nothing's really going on with me (my life's actually pretty boring). i've been at public school for 2 months now and everything's going very well... no more drug problems for me... lol. i just found out from one of my really good friends, that there's like 5 girls at my school that have told her they think i'm cute, so that's a plus for me, and it's really helpful that everyone at school knows i'm gay, even a few of my teachers. but yeah... everything's going great and i'm really happy.  also.. i've been sick since sunday night and i can't seem to shake it off. it really sucks because i haven't been to school at all this week (which isn't too bad) and i'm gonna have so much homework when i get back.  so yeah... i guess that's pretty much it. everybody keep me updated and send me messages.love you all.. ttyl