So I have been thinking about my current situation and trying to get around telling my family about Jessye. Jessye my partner is a bigender female and is seriously thinking about taking testosterone treatment for make her more male. Jessye likes to be referred to as a male and sometimes that is hard to get around. I constantly have to refer to Jess as a she while in the presence of my family because they don't know about it yet. I am also concerned about how they are going to react to the news. I mean, it was hard enough  telling them I was a lesbian over 6 years ao and now its like I have to explain to them again that I am in love with whomever I have fallen in love with, regardless of gender. I know there are going to be questions about me not liking men and why and how I will be ok with her becoming one and still be in love but.. i can't explain my feelings - they just are as they are.I want to tell them and I hope they will be warm about it, even though they have already expressed some concerns about Jess and I being together ( my mother of course) so it might be difficult.I wish everything was accepted because goddess knows how much easier life would be for someone like me..grrr