22 Best FREE Android RPG games

Role Playing Games are a nice way to get from reality and immerse in the atmosphere of other worlds. Convert yourself for some time into an ancient warrior, a magician or a hero and start mastering the skills needed for survival in one of those exciting realities!Playing roles is on its own an enjoyable activity, but when you do it with excellent graphics and the second-to-none quality of controls, your experience becomes even more fun. So here is the list of the best Android RPG 2017. All of the games below are free, so you can indulge yourself with a treat instead of buying virtual stuff. Have fun!

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Mage and Minions is one of those old school classic RPG games that will never go out of fashion. The Game will transfer you into the medieval times, where you will need to fight against evil forces, learn crafts and master spells.Mage and Minions lets a player do such awesome things as slaying dragons, killing other malicious creatures which inhabit its intricate world – frogs, skeletons, devils and so many others. While playing a one has to collect such cool stuff as loot, weapons, and even spells.If you want to feel a thrill that gives the atmosphere of the Middle Ages, its constant danger, magic, and craftsmanship, then this RPG is certainly for you! The advantage of this particular game is smooth controls which add up a lot to the overall experience. Ready to start the adventure? The download button is right under the picture!