Ok so there is this guy at work & we have suddenly started talking alot . We seem to have any of the same intrests & like the same things.  He seems to be a good guy& he has a good job was in the mitatary & all that. Seems to have it togethertoo. So anyway we have started talking quit a bit here for that last month or so . Talked about nature & lakes & boats & pics . Talked about his dogs too & a little about mine . Been told by people who have seen us together that hes into me yeah lol. Now today he mentions a she, as in as did the bathroom in a beach theam?????? Also said we went to fl & were in this cove & found lots of shells !!! GRRRRRR seriously we have been talking for weeks now & no mention of a we anywhere. Heck he asked if id be at work tomarrow. He said I inspired him to take some nature pics !!! Oh I mentioned i might go to the Creekside Blues & Jazz fest this fri. He said he thinks he is going sat !! No mention of a we . . .  SOOOOOO WTF !!! Grrr men are confusing & fustrating !!! OK goodnight lol