Still a boring existance.  Gotta start doing something with my life.  Volunteer or something.  I feel embarrassed to go out in public because I'm so big.  That's a lot of my problem right now.  I see Gara(the tdoc) today.  Haven't seen her in 2 weeks so we will probably have a busy session.  Esp. since I changed my major in school.  She will want to know about that.  The rest of the day I think I will study.  Oh, I may go to DSW to buy some shoes.  They had some suede clogs with fur in them and around the outside of them.  They look really cute and warm.  They are 39.95 and I have a 10.00 off coupon so they will only be 29.95.  Not a bad price at all.  Bought sweat pants and shirts at the thrift store yesterday.  I want to be warm this winter when I have to take Duke out and I like to  wear sweats in the house, that way we don't have to turn the heat up so high.  They are comfy too.  I only spent 18.00 for 6 pants and 5 shirts.  They are in good shape too.  Bought one sweat shirt with the tags still on it.  You just never know what you are going to find.  I did most of the laundry yesterday and took a nap.  Nothing else going on.  Mood is still hanging in there at a 5.  I stopped all the lexapro and didn't have any bad effect from it.  I'm still dreaming a lot so I don't think it was the lexapro causing the dreams like my pdoc said.  I know it's normal to dream, but it seems I never sleep a deep sleep unless it's between bedtime and 1-2 o'clock in the morning.  So about 3 to 4 hours , then the rest of the time I dream.  I even dream when I take naps.  Going to study today.  Have a lot of biology to do.