One of those days

Well today started off good,  I work with a cat rescue, volunteer,  I feed and clean out their cages once a week,  they are located in Petco.   
When I got back home I discovered we lost our internet and phone because my friend unplugged something in the basement while she was cleaning out some stuff.  We're doing a craft show this weekend and she was getting the beads and other things together.   
For me the internet is like my right arm,  I hate being without it.  Luckily my neighbor is letting me use her laptop.   I also run a pet sitting and dog walking service and some of my clients e mail me.   Like last night I had a lady who e mailed last night to walk her dog today.   
Hopefully when I get back home the internet will be back up.
I'm hoping it will be a better day tomorrow.
I didn't sleep well last night and took a nap this afternoon.  only slept an hour.   I also have a support group meeting this evening.   How to handle the holidays, loss of a loved one.   I never went for grief counseling after my parents died.  while it's been years now I feel maybe now is the time to address the open wounds I still have.



comforting hugs. Dear Lily, i hope you had a good visit, at the support group meeting. i\'m proud of you for going, and taking these continued steps, for healing. i\'m reaching through your writings, to give you a friendship hug. You\'re in our thoughts, and prayers. i admire you for keeping active each day, with enjoying walks, pet sitting, and also looking forward to some baking, and the crafts show :) i think it\'s very wonderful, you all doing the crafts, and it\'s fun, to get creative too with baking :) i hope you get to enjoy some holiday baking : )i read your hug, that the internet is fixed :) i\'m so glad, and thankful :) it\'s awful when the internet goes out, i understand. we\'ve had a few times, where our internet went down. keep me updated when you can, on how things are going :) we send our love, many healing energy prayers, and warm friendship hugs, from our home to yours :) take care, have a peaceful friday, and weekend :) i\'d love to hear about the crafts show :)