The therapist said well we have Sean schedule to be released on the 28th, my heart dropped 30 days! what the hell is thirty days for I don't know 2,3, 4 years of drugging. we discussed Sober living, and him staying in Florida, which I said this is now all up to Sean, he has to do it. But I also know that if he comes home, it has to be either to soberliving in Jersey or halfway house. He can't come home meaning our Home.  He needs to be engulfed in sober recovery for awhile, I believe anyway. Well, deep breath and one day at a time. It's easy to say don't be scared, don't care, turn away, but your heart is always with them. I pray that god has entered into his heart, he sounds great, I hear every once in awhile something that makes me believe he is on the right track, but I know that it is a long haul.