It is hard to believe we've made it this far and gotten through sooo many hurdles along the way....each step always seems like the hardest, but now...just waiting...this is awful! I'm still having a moderate amount of discomfort and I still look 5+ months pregnant, but my RE feels this will just go down slowly unless I am pregnant - then it will take a few more weeks. I've had horrible nausea the last few days - they are saying it is from the progesterone but I'm not sure I agree - I have been taking the progesterone for a week now (but maybe the levels are just high enough to bother me now...) I have also been worked up because we transferred two morulas rather than 2 blasts on day 5 - the nurse yesterday told me that the morulas looked excellent though and 4 of the remaining 8 moruas went to blast overnight so at least we do have 4 frozen also.
I am praying for everyone who has to go through infertility of any type, this is the toughest physicial and emotional thing that has ever happened to me and I'm sure it is no cake walk for anyone else!! Good luck everyone!