This morning I received a call from the doctor at the rehab/skilled nursing center where Mom is.  The news is not good at all.  The doctor has informed me that mom is in systolic heart failure and it will probably be only a matter of days and has suggested that it is time to call the family to assemble.  She has also requested that we allow her to do a Hospice referral.  You all know my concerns there, but we are allowing it with the stipulation that we do not have the same team as before.  Following is the information I sent to the extended family members a few hours ago.Hi all,Just wanted to share and don't have the time to call everyone.  Early this afternoon the doctor at the facility where mom is staying called.  She explained that there are various problems that make her believe that Mom only has a few more days to live.  Since she, herself, told me last week that she wants to go home to be with God, I believe this to be true.  She has been refusing most of her meals for about a week and informed me that she didn't want to even try to regain her strength.  So, last week I cried and accepted that this possibility was coming much closer.  Today, when the doctor called, she explained that Mom's BUN is very much elevated.  It should be in the 20 range and Mom's was testing out at 140.  Her blood pressure is also very low.  Overnight it was 70/38  and this morning it went back up to 90/54.  There were some other factors involved and currently, Mom is receiving IV fluids.  We were told to gather the family and I have spent the afternoon doing those calls and need to head out to visit Mom.  Don't know how many more there will be, so please forgive me for not calling.Love to all, So, I have called everyone and messaged the rest.  Now it sounds like it is still up to me to be the one who will be there to hold her hand and give her hugs.  So sad because this is a very important time in Mom's life and she needs all those hugs from everyone so she can go home peacefully.   I received another call from the facility around 7 PM.  They have discontinued almost all of Mom's medications and are now only administering something for pain.  Will know more tomorrow after my visit.