My family has $40 to their name to cover expenses for the rest of the week. That includes- paying for my Mom, sister, and I's medicine ($100 there), paying for rent ($300 a week), food, cabs for my dad to go to work, etc. I borrowed $100 from my boyfriend so I can pay for my mom's medicine and my dad's cabs. That still leaves us short on money. I don't know how else to help the family. I'm caught in a bad situation since I was planning on giving my next check to my parents (on Dec 12) but now my boyfriend is demanding that I pay him back for everything then (he helped with mom's medicine last week and paid for my school books). I'm going to ask my boss for some more work hours- I pray I can makeit work.
I'm back in the dorms now. I went to the funeral yesterday and started having one of the worst IBS attacks I've ever had. It lasted nearly 24 hours. I had to leave right after the funeral because of it- in which I was curled up in a ball, crying, all the way home.
I'm so overloaded with homework- a 20 page paper due in a week, three presentations, an entire chapter of math, journal posts on readings, studying for finals, two papers, etc, etc. I want to cry and quite school. I wish I were home with my family- and not around my lovable yet annoying friend who has a loud mouth boyfriend (who has decided he's living in the dorms with us).
I need to get on anti depressants soon. I'm beginning to be scared for my safety.