today i went to church and left early because of my granddaughter. when we got home we dug out the christmas tree and set it up.
my grandson had a birthday party at 4 but before that a friend came over for me to show her how to make my stockings which i hate teaching her because she will make them now and sell them. it is my pattern not hers.
nates party was fun my daughter made a yummy cake. it was a hit. i was holding baby when my porcelain doll shoe went into a glass of juice  and broke the glass. juice was in it and it went everywhere. took a lone time to clean it up. david, kjera and nickolas helped me it was so bad. at least the glass only broke into three pieces so no one got hurt.
I was reaching over in my chair to pick up my bird and the chair rolled and fell over throwing me to the floor. i was hurting all over especially  my right ankle gonna take a pain pill to see if it calms down. my granddaughter was putting bows on the tree when it happened i am glad that i didn't fall on baby. thats about it for today.



Funny how, when we try to do things in some \"short cut\" way, we get knocked on our asses! LOL! I know I can\'t do anything anymore in any \"short cut\" way now. The vertigo is just too overwhelming. You should see me walk along the narrow roads here. Sometimes, I almost fall into the traffic but, so far, have been able to \"correct\" for this. I have fallen a number of times because of the uneven off-the-road areas where people are allowed to walk. Well, I actually walk in the street. and then, when seeing oncoming cars (not motorbikes), I step off onto the shoulder and just stop and wait for them to pass. I have learned well!

Sorry about the ceramic shoe and all that. Juice is one of the hardest things to clean up when spilled. Glad that you eventually made it.

Take care, love and hugs. Neesie

I got it all done and the baby shoes (Nattie and Rockers ) are hung on the tree. I am now ready for Christmas Yeah