today has been crazy, especially for my son and daughter-in-law. they have been pulling out weeds and utah rocks which are numerous. they did about a 3x12 ft section with the heat pounding on them. i went to help a family in the ward move. i was on the cleaning crew. i helped for a couple of hours and was grateful when it was time to go. i took a pain pill before i went but was still in pain before i left. i am going to my dr this week to see what he will do.
i had my grandson kenny over while they were working in the yard. they just left and now i have nate another grandson.
i won't have ashlynn and nickolas today they went camping so i will have my bed to myself. i am going to go to bed early too. i don't know how long i will have nate but i am pretty sure that it won't be long.
he is playing with the car boats in the sink, playing with trains and watching movies. he is so good when he is alone.i hope that my daughter finds an apartment soon. she needs to settle down for awhile instead of jumping around.
i hope they rent in the same apartment complex........ hugs to all............susan



Sounds like your kind of day with the kids and all that. You sound unstressed in this entry, which is good. Hugs. Neesie