so depressed all of a sudden...ok it came from something my mother daughter is dating jason and if they get married she will be moving to slc and i won't see the kids like i do. i was so happy yesterday and this morning. my mom told me yesterday. today i have been listening to my psp and all it plays is love depressing knowing i am going to loose the thing i live grand kids. i feel like i have hit the bottom of the barrel and i am trying to climb out but i keep falling. i knew my manic state wouldn't last long but did it have to be triggered that way? i'm trying to clean up the messes the kids made but i hurt physically along with my emotions. just hurting. all i want to do and i am doing is cry. i don't have the kids today and i miss them terribly what am i going to do if they move. am i just selfish to want to be with them every minute i can...tears